What is GroovePages and the Masters Behind It

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There’s a new player in town when it comes to cloud-based website and funnel builders, and it’s causing a stir among the competition in terms of features, pricing and user-friendliness. So, let’s get into it: What is GroovePages and the masters behind it.

If you’re an online entrepreneur looking for a landing page, a sales platform or funnel builder and you haven’t heard the name, trust me, you will soon. That name is GroovePages.

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GroovePages is a cloud-based website builder, offering every component an online business needs to enable maximum sales and customer retention.

It has several features, including a drag and drop website creation, funnel builder, blog platform, membership CSM, email automation, a help desk, social proof, countdown timers, alerts and progress bars, plus a powerful shopping cart infrastructure.

And, what’s berserk is that it doesn’t stop there! It also has features such as video hosting, webinar software, live streaming, an affiliate program and a booking & scheduling calendar!

Basically, it’s everything to make your sales funnel, landing page or website run efficiently while looking beautiful and professional.

GroovePages is one of several apps on GrooveFunnels, which falls under the umbrella company Groove Digital Incorporated. The software offers a complete array of options for online entrepreneurs.

Quite simply, I must say, it’s on track to become an industry leader.

Why might you ask?

Because of its unique ability to make the implementation of the many comprehensive options easy and affordable.

The powerful force behind GroovePages

GroovePages, by Groove Digital, is the brainchild of three co-creators who saw the need for a browser-based website and selling platform that better served today’s growing mobile buyers and sellers.

They knew that right around the time Google was implementing mobile-first indexing for its ranking order, the business methodology was changing. In a world increasingly dominated by e-commerce, browser-based software (SaaS) made the most sense.

The advanced technology used to create the software will make this online platform very competitive for years to come.

This means that, for you as an entrepreneur, when you use Groove Funnels, you get access to a well-designed website platform that will allow you to build webpages and full-blown websites very easily.

The platform allows you to create fast loading websites to better serve your clients.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

Okay so, let’s talk about the masterminds behind that amazing website builder.

They are 3 associates with a well-round expertise in e-commerce and Internet marketing.

Here’s more on each of these marketing experts:

Mike Filsaime is a CEO with a superlative record for online branding and marketing, with several million-dollar launches to his credit. His sales have surpassed $150 million, with over 250,000 customers and millions of lifetime subscribers eager to learn about his software and industry strategies. Mike Filsaime is an in-demand keynote speaker with a decades-long marketing record to back him up.

John Cornetta is an e-commerce expert who holds the presidency at GrooveDigital. He knew there was a need for top-quality software to connect the massively increasing online consumers to the products they were looking for. At the same time, as an entrepreneur himself, John Cornetta understood that affordability is paramount.

Matt Serralta is a Georgia State graduate with expertise in e-commerce consulting and policy implementation. For almost 20 years, he’s been a pro at procedural management of capital raising, technology and process development, SEO strategies and the social media inputs that come with any successful entrepreneurial enterprise.

GroovePages’ game-changing features

1 – Crazy price

GroovePages starts a new business off right by offering its most basic package for FREE. While there is always the option to upgrade to the pro version, GroovePages‘ basic package carries a decent punch and can get your selling off the ground. It includes:

  • Selling unlimited digital products;
  • Powerful funnel builder with high converting templates;
  • Free funnel and page builder with drag and drop features;
  • Powerful eCommerce store to sell physical products;
  • Easy to use blogging platform built for SEO.

2 – Top website options

Once you join the pro version, the options become truly dizzying! GroovePages also offers some pretty comprehensive training manuals and videos, so even if you’ve never created a page before, you’re in good hands.

  • Hundreds of website templates to choose from;
  • Unlimited hosted project sites, landing pages, and funnels with custom domains;
  • Unlimited royalty-free images;
  • Free SSL certificates;
  • Premium drag and drop blocks;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Unlimited popups, banners and alert bars;
  • Email data collection and a spot for tracking analytics;
  • Full site and image importation;
  • Optimized device views: desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, and phone, with instant updates across all modes.

3 – Organization and simplicity

GroovePages makes it ridiculously easy to make a great-looking site. Every feature is accessed from a simple dashboard.

  • Editor’s drag and drop blocks make adding banners and popups a breeze;
  • Imbedding email, video, and links is literally a few clicks process;
  • Attach Google products like Maps and Google Analytics.

4 – Website speed and SEO optimization

This is where the knowledge and the experience of GroovePages’ creators come into their own. They recognized right from the get-go that e-commerce is undergoing an inexorable shift to mobile business and portable business management.

Gone are the days when both online shopping and customer management is exclusive to the desktop computer. Today most sales and sites are visited from mobile devices and apps.

This is backed up by SEO that comes out solidly in favour of fast loading pages and indexing, which is precisely how GroovePages was built.

Its browser-based software means today’s entrepreneurs can keep on top of sales, products, and data analysis anywhere there’s an internet connection. And cloud-based software is useful.

Moving towards the future

It’s important to remember that GroovePages is going to grow in the upcoming years. Although that might mean bugs will exist, it also means improvements are coming fast and furious along with a growing customer base that is continually offering suggestions.

My Advice: get in early into Groove!

Take advantage of superior pricing for the basic access and a competitive price for a GrooveFunnels account.

Compared to the large number of page-building peers charging monthly rates in the hundreds of dollars, GroovePages’ value for money speaks for itself. Powerful and revolutionary software takes time to perfect, but make no mistake, GroovePages is both!

So, it’s needless to say that I highly recommend you checking out this amazing piece of software!

I purchased this software myself and I have only good things to say about this product suite.

So, if you enjoyed learning more about the founders of GroovePages, make sure to sign up to this GrooveFunnels webinar. This video presentation will help you discover all it can do for you and see if it’s a good fit for your business.

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