What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work?

Do you want more sales for your online business?

Of course, you do. Well, this comes right on point because I have something important to tell you today. We’ll look at what is a sales funnel and how does it work?

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With that said, if you want to sell your online products quicker and faster than ever before, a sales funnel is something you should really consider.

If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, stick around and I’ll give you more info on that.

So, what is a Sales Funnel and How does it Work?

A sales funnel is a way of guiding your website visitors into a sales process that will help them solve their problems.

It consists in offering a guided solution to your potential customers. That solution can be presented as a product or service.

Once your website visitors make the decision of purchasing a product, they are immediately redirected to a page that offers an additional product or service. It’s basically something that complements the initial purchase.

For example, on your website you could offer a membership course to your visitors for a monthly fee of $10.

Immediately after this purchase, a complementary video course on a specific topic would be offered to your visitors for a one-time fee of $197.

The buyer would have to take a decision right there and on about taking the product or not. This second purchasing option is often presented as a one-time offer hence, adding urgency to the decision.

This means you only see this offer/page once. If you say “No thanks”, the product will not be offered again.

So, do you see how powerful this is?

It’s a powerful marketing strategy that CONVERTS buyers into purchasing more products.

This is comparable to McDonald’s strategy of offering additional items once your ordering at the counter or online.

Amazon does the same thing with their “Recommended items”. With this marketing tactic, they sell more items to an already “hot” buyer.

A buyer is always a buyer.

A freebie-seeker is often a freebie seeker.

That said, if you have a buyer that just pulled out is credit card to purchase something on your website, you might as well offer him something else while he’s in the process of buying.

Once the customer purchases the second product (or not), you can present an additional offer. In that same example as above, it could be a high-ticket coaching mastermind limited to only 20 people for $997.

Do you see where this is going?

Some of your buyers will say “Yes” to all of your offers and will gladly want to join your mastermind group.

So, to recap you started by offering a $10 monthly membership program and once a customer purchases it, he is redirected to a one-time offer about a complete video course for $197. Then, he is presented an offer about joining an elite mastermind group for $997.

This sales funnel is valued at $1,204.

It’s a potential sale of one thousand two hundred four dollars!

That is powerful stuff right there!


So, do you see the importance of creating a sales funnel for your business?

It can make a HUGE difference in your favor.

You basically take your potential customers into a journey of possibilities by offering them products and/or services that they desperately want and need.

That is fantastic marketing right there!

With a well-done marketing sales funnel, you can change the outcome of your business for good!

But you’re probably asking yourself; How can I build such a sales funnel?

Great question.

It can be done with a sales funnel software

And, here’s a sales funnel software I highly recommend.

Developed and designed by a successful online entrepreneur: Russell Brunson created with his team of programmers, a software who serves business owners.

It’s purely developed to pull out the best sales funnel strategies that can generate more income for your business.

The software comes with a series of tutorials that will guide you how to build a beautiful, professional looking and most importantly, converting funnel.

This means that with this software, you’ll be able to create your sales funnels and make more money.

It’s intuitive to use, and you can learn it very quickly even if you don’t have prior website design experience.

Anyone can do it, including you!

Once you have access to this tool called Click Funnels, you’ll be able to cater it to your website visitors, and tweak it as you go.

What is Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is a well-developed software for entrepreneurs who want to integrate a Sales Funnel on their website.

With Click Funnels you can build a website AND a Sales Funnel at the same time.

That is the main feature of Click Funnels.

The ability to create beautiful and converting sales funnels.

The variety of features it offers, replicates the funnels virtually in a fully automated way.

Once your web pages are completed, you can start selling any digital or physical product by offering a logic buying sequence to your clients.

You’re also able to track and add a targeting code into your pages through a simple user interface in order to retarget your website visitors.

The use of retargeting has the power to change the game for you.

With ad banners that “follow” your website visitors – you’re able to customize any offer you desire to your prospect’s eyes.

And THAT my friend, will make you successful online.

The combination of a sales funnel with retargeting ads will make you join the online pros.

That exactly what they do to make a lot of money online. They run ads to their funnels. If a customer buys something, he goes through the sales funnel.

If he just browses around and leaves the site, he will be retargeted to come back to the site.

Bottom line, Click Funnels is a powerful platform.

What this means for you

1 – Full automation

As an entrepreneur, you know how much time is of the essence. By using a software like Click Funnels, you can cut your time in half by letting your business run itself after quickly setting it up.

2 – User-friendly AND Visitor-friendly

The process to set this up is simple and easy to follow along instructions that are offered by Click Funnels inside the members area.

Not only that, but once you’re done with setting everything up, your visitors will love navigating through your website.

All of your webpages will be appealing to your visitors and will most likely turn a lot of potential clients into life-long customers.

It’s extremely simple with Click Funnels, because they show you the simple and most effective way to achieve success.

3 – Top Conversions

I hope by now that you realize how powerful Click Funnels can be.

That said, the most powerful feature of Click Funnels is without a doubt the ability to create beautiful and converting funnels.

With this unique software you are able to Market, Sell and Deliver your product or service.

Is this Sales Funnel Software Right for You?

Clients from a variety of backgrounds use this tool to keep their business thriving:

– Info Product Creators

– Affiliate Marketers

– Bloggers

– Local Business Owners

– Consultants

– Network Marketers

– Ecommerce Sellers

& many more!

By watching all the testimonials on their website, it’s clearly possible to see that several business owners changed their lives completely by adding a well-crafted sales funnel to their website.

So, if you’ve read this far, you know this is something you need for your business.

==> You cannot go wrong with Click Funnels

If you’re looking to make more sales, MUCH MORE sales as a matter of fact, you should really consider using Click Funnels.

You won’t have to mess with complicated technology, they made it so simple that almost anyone can do it.

You just follow the instruction provided in the tutorials and you’ll be able to create your website in no time.

I’m sure you can do it!

It also means that you don’t have to hire a web editor or team that may not see your vision…

You’re saving time, hassle and money.

You’re just WINNING!

Click Funnels Features

Some features of this software include:

1 – A Powerful Online Shopping Cart

With Click Funnels, you’ll be able to set up a digital shopping cart that even lets you add an order bump directly on the checkout page.

An order bump allows you to sell more items.

A good example of this would be to offer an audio version (MP3 file) of your book as an order bump for an extra $17. That would help you rank in more sales at the checkout point.

That is a very powerful feature, do not underestimate it.

You can also track all your clicks and analyze your sales data and website statistics directly in your dashboard. You’ll be able to see what is going on at all times for your website.

2 – Create Memberships

You have the ability to teach and create courses through monthly webinars, membership video courses or newsletters. Sell a monthly package on your expertise and have the ability to manage it automatically with no hassle.

3 – Sell Other People’s Products

Affiliate marketing is used widely in the Internet marketing community.

You can easily create webinar pages to ally with other online marketers and present affiliate offers to your viewers.

You can also build beautiful and professional looking opt-in pages to build your email list.

From there, you can send regular broadcast emails to promote other people’s products related to your niche in exchange of a commission.

By learning and participating in affiliate marketing, you’ll make more money in your business.

This is really starting to be interesting, right?

4 – Share Funnels

If you create a unique funnel of your own, you are able to share this with your friends, clients or business network with the simple use share codes.

So, let’s say you build beautiful funnel and you want to share it with your sister in-law who has a local business, you can simply give her your code and she will be able to duplicate your sales funnel in seconds by using your share code.

She would then only change her pictures and content to reflect her business and she would be good to go with her custom sales funnels.

This works both ways if you wish to use someone else’s funnel. Not only is this a great learning tool, but also another step towards success.

5 – Actionetics

It takes only a single button to activate Actionetics inside your Click Funnels account. As soon as do that, you start getting clever analytics on your website visitors.

Next, as soon as they fill up a form on your website, such as joining your email newsletter, Actionetics starts pulling smart data such as their social profiles accounts and their buying habits and interests.

This lets you know who they are so that you can serve them better. You get to see what emails they open from your newsletters and what they purchase on your website.

You start getting powerful information that will allow you to change your marketing messages based on who they are.

For example, you can create custom sales funnels based on their lifestyle and income. As you can see, Actionetics is a very useful feature for advanced marketers.

With Actionetics, you can communicate directly with your customers via email, text messages, voice broadcast, direct mail, webinars, Facebook and more.

And you’ll be so happy to have these features in your account.

This is the formula to keeping a market close to you, communicating effectively and making more sales.

Last Words

I definitely recommend Click Funnels to anyone who is looking to make more money online.

This software has a lot of versatility and most importantly it creates pages that convert visitors into clients!

You don’t have to rely on a tech team to lead visitors the way you want them, do it yourself with this easy technology!

If you need an all-in-one package deal for your marketing arsenal, look no further, this is it. An online business solution has never had better results then this one.

==> Get started with Sales Funnels today

It’s truly unique and powerful!

To your online success,

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Patrick Viana

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