The Power of Split Testing and How it Can Grow your Business

A powerful tool for internet marketers

If you manage an online business, you need certain software than will help you find powerful information about what to do next. In this article, I’ll explain the power of split testing and how it can grow your business.

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So, if you have decided that you want to get quantitative data in a clever way from your market: then split testing is for you.

Cool… But what is this exactly?

Well, split testing is one of the ways marketers use to compare versions a web page to see which one is performing best.

It’s basically comparing one page against another to see which performs better.

And when you that, you get to discover the WINNING pages… The most CONVERTING pages.

And when you do so, you make more money… A LOT more money in fact!

Split testing is one of the best kept secrets of the Internet marketing gurus.

So, let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.

Picture this from the point of view of a visitor:

When a visitor clicks on one of your links, the software automatically rotates evenly between page A and page B. On 1000 clicks, 500 visitors will see page A, and 500 other visitors will see page B.

It’s basically testing an “original” webpage and a “variation” webpage.

You can for example, test two different headlines, to see which one converts better.

This is why split testing is also often referred to as A/B split testing.

Why Split Testing is useful?

This optimal technique is used to see which online page performs better in order to boost conversions.

Think about it for a second… this is POWERFUL stuff.

With the use of a split testing software, you get to know which page WINS. Imagine how powerful that is!

Let’s say you find out that Page A converts at 7% and that Page B converts at 3%, well… you just found out that one page will make you much more money than the other one.

Because of the software, you instantly found the best page 😉

Isn’t that sweet or what?

This is why, I like split testing so much!

Here’s a visual graphic of A/B split testing:

Not only will you receive input from your website visitors, but an A/B split test will help you better understand your market as you transition to a different offer.

I wish this tool existed when I first started my online adventures.

But what’s important now is that the tool is available for you and I to make better decisions in our online business and thus make more income.

If you fall into these categories, then split testing is something to highly consider in order to optimize your website traffic and increase sales:

– Email list builders

– Product vendors

– Affiliate Marketers

– Social Media Marketers

– Media Buyers and Advertisers

– Ecommerce store owners

– Bloggers

– Authors / publishers

As you can see, if you have an online presence, you can use A/B split testing.

By analyzing the traffic coming to your website, you can see which webpage is more successful!

That is quite a breakthrough if you ask me.

Before Split Testing

  1. Consider every method of optimization that can change your website (headlines, call to action, color of buttons, etc.)
  2. Make sure to test your money pages (sales pages, checkout pages, etc.)
  3. Create different opt-in pages and see which ones convert better to get more leads


Split testing considers a lot of things being it a data driven method in order to test multiple variables to your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!

If you think this may be too much to consider on your own, then I recommend using Split Test Monkey.

Split Testing is not something you should be scared about using.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite, I strongly recommend using it in your marketing efforts.

Breakdown of Split Test Monkey:

Split URL and Web Page Tests

  • Tests complete variations of webpages
  • Test different URL’s
  • Include up to six pages at a time
  • Test sales conversions
  • Good for: aesthetic changes such as page layout, designs, color, etc.

A/B Dynamic “Snippet” Tests

  • Elements are rotated directly to your page
  • All visitors will view the same URL
  • Site visitors will be exposed to a different page (same variation per customer)
  • Best for: existing pages and technical elements such as headlines, images, buttons, banners, etc.

This web-based application can be set up on your dashboard and uses an auto-optimizer function. You do not need to do any calculations because the purpose is efficiency for its users.

Here’s a recap of what you can achieve by using Split Test Monkey:

  1. More Opt-Ins (As a matter of fact… MUCH more opt-ins)
  2. More Sales
  3. More Efficiency and Conversions

Last words: Don’t be scared to use it, split test your campaigns and make more money.

It’s a simple formula with REAL results.

That is what you get when you invest in this an A/B Split Testing Software.

I hope that you enjoyed this article on the power of split testing and how it can grow your business.

To your online success,

Patrick Viana

Online Elites