The Power of Aweber

A must have tool for your online business

I’m glad that you landed here because this is an important topic of internet marketing. In this article, I’ll be taking about having an email autoresponder for your business. I’ll lay out everything you need to know about the use of an autoresponder and the power of Aweber itself.

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Learn about the power of a good autoresponder

If you’re running any kind of online business, you should have an autoresponder in place on your website to capture leads and be able to send messages to your prospects.

It’s a simple tip, but simple things can make you money… a lot of money.

Sometimes, the simple things are the ones making wonders for your business.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs tend to overcomplicate things and are often looking for the “next big thing” or the “next shinny object”.

Thus, instead of complicating things, you can simply install a capture form on your website to collect the name and email address of your visitors.

Some of your visitors will opt-in your email list and you’ll be able to start creating a relationship with your prospects.

If you’re interested in Aweber and you’ve came to this page, I assume it’s probably because you already know the importance of having an autoresponder in place for your business.

It’s great that you landed on this page, because I do use Aweber for my business every single day, and I can tell you that Aweber is my absolute best recommendation when it comes to email marketing.

If you are in any niche other than something “Really controversial”, then Aweber is your BEST choice.

The deliverability rate of Aweber with emails is just astonishing!

And if you want to know the most important element of an autoresponder, look no further it’s the deliverability rate.

Being able to send your emails directly in the inbox of your prospects is such a powerful asset. On the other hand, if your emails land in the junk folder of your prospects, it’s not a good thing for your business.

In terms of deliverability, Aweber is the king of all autoresponders.

Even though I highly recommend using Aweber for your online business, I mentioned earlier that it would be your best choice to use it in any niche other than a “Controversial” niche.

That is because, Aweber Communications are very serious about making business with real companies that are legit.

In the past, some Internet Marketers pushed the limits of what could be done with email marketing. With that said, the Aweber team are more reluctant to let certain type of businesses promote products or services via shady email tactics.

That said, I personally use Aweber for my Self Defense and Soccer niches. I can tell you for a fact that I’ve never had a problem with my emails being delivered right in the INBOX of my prospects.

You’re probably thinking… But Patrick you’re evolving in the Internet Marketing niche yourself, what autoresponder do you use then?

For my Online Elites website, I also use the Aweber autoresponder

You’ll notice that if you join my Online Elites newsletter, I’m straight up using Aweber.

As soon as you join, you get a series of emails delivered to you in the upcoming days and months.

And, if you join my Self Defense newsletter on my Code Red Defense website, I’m using Aweber as well.

Check it out if you’re interested in learning self-defense.

Once you receive and open the emails, you notice right away the power of Aweber.

Remember, keep it simple and start building your list as soon as you can.

It will make a huge difference in your online business!

Register today and get your free trial of Aweber. Once you’re inside you can watch the tutorial videos and install an email form on your website.

Once you send traffic to your page, you’ll be able to capture leads and send them emails regularly.

That way, you’ll be able to inform, teach and help your followers with your expertise.

That is how you help your followers into becoming better. And in the process, that will make you richer in many ways.

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Join today and you’ll quickly discover the power of Aweber.

All the best to your online success.


Patrick Viana

Online Elites