SiteGround Review: The Most Powerful Hosting Platform?

Read on for my Review of the SiteGround Hosting Platform

In this article, I’ll share my review of SiteGround and I’ll answer if according to me, this is the most powerful hosting platform or not.

With its help, you can also start putting together your first website whether it’s on WordPress or not or add a new one to your existing portfolio of websites.

Why do you Need a Good Hosting Platform?

Before I review SiteGround as a hosting platform, let’s establish what a hosting platform is.

  • A hosting platform is a subscription service that allows you to manage and run your own website accessible through the Internet.
  • Also, a hosting platform will provide you with the resources needed for running your website along with a domain.
  • And finally, the domain is your virtual address which points your visitors to your website through the host server.

There are three different common types of hosting: shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server.

  • Shared hosting is when you share your resources from a single server with other clients who are also running their own websites. It’s the cheapest way to host your website.
  • Cloud hosting incorporates the use of multiple servers. This can be advantageous, because if one server has an issue, your site can simply be migrated to another one, eliminating downtime.
  • A dedicated server is a machine that acts as your hosting platform and is entirely for your use. It’s quite effective, but pricey as well.

Now that you know about that, I’ll dive into the review of SiteGround. I can tell you right now, that I like SiteGround for many different reasons. I host many of my websites directly on SiteGround.

As a matter of fact, this site ( is currently hosted on SiteGround as well as my self defense website.

What are SiteGround’s Included Features?

SiteGround knows that most of its users come from a history of WordPress websites. For this reason, this hosting platform supports both WordPress and Weebly websites, as well as traditional HTML websites.

  • You can use their migration tool to transfer your website and emails from another hosting company. For users who aren’t as tech-savvy, their professional staff can assist you!
  • SiteGround provides its WordPress users with a starter pack that makes website management easy-peasy!
  • It also gives you all the tools to make a website from scratch. Client Area, and Site Tools (which is their version of control panel) are all examples of their user-friendly tools. You can test them out and see how well they run.
  • Additionally, SiteGround’s hosting platform is optimized to support CMS (Content management system) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps so you can customize your own add-ons.
  • One of the greatest features is that SiteGround also helps enhance website speeds and optimize visitor experience. I must say that I really like that feature about SiteGround! And if you want even more speed, look at how to increase website speed with this secret tool.

SiteGround Safety and Service

Safety is one of the most important aspects of a hosting platform. Therefore, SiteGround has a dedicated security team that reviews your website to prevent hacks and breaches.

They use a smart firewall and A.I. anti-bots to ensure that brute force attempts and malicious traffic do not interfere with your website.

SiteGround checks your website’s security constantly with an automated 24/7 server monitoring system. It reviews your website every 0.5 seconds, allowing it to catch problems and bugs immediately.

In case of website failure, SiteGround’s hosting platform has distributed backups. This can help recover large amounts of data instantly. For WordPress users, the platform also offers a free plugin to increase security standards.

In addition, they offer a friendly 24/7 customer care line with a 98% satisfaction rate. They focus on fixing your problems fast, an essential feature of good hosting platforms. All websites created through SiteGround enjoy a free SSL certificate as well.

Cost of SiteGround

For shared hosting, there are three different packages you can purchase from SiteGround: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

  1. StartUp has the lowest monthly payment. It supports one website and provides you with enough web space for up to 10,000 visits monthly and unmetered traffic. You get free SSL, free CDN (Content delivery network), and free e-mail along with e-mail migration.
  1. GrowBig has a monthly payment in the middle of the shared hosting accounts. This package supports an unlimited number of websites with web space up to 100,000 visits monthly. It includes all features offered in the first package.
  1. The last one of shared hosting is GoGeek. GoGeek’s package will give you unlimited website support with web space going up to 400,000 visits every month.

All of these packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for a worry-free purchase!

The one I personally use to host my websites is the Cloud hosting SiteGround account. Check out their website right here for all the details and pricing.

But what do Reviews say about SiteGround?

A quick look at reviews for SiteGround on trusted review sites shows that it rates as one of the most popular hosting providers in the WordPress community. Thousands of users have collectively reviewed SiteGround 5 stars.

This is not an easy rating to receive, but the results are in!

While it is clear that this hosting platform is on the pricier side, there is no doubt that it provides all the services any quality hosting platform should!

Plus, SiteGround’s quality customer care and security justify the price charged! You’ll feel protected and secure with SiteGround looking after your website.

Pros and Cons of SiteGround

Before I close shop, let’s summarize SiteGround’s pros and cons.


  • The support and security of SiteGround are unmatched. With a 24/7 customer care line, and a constant monitoring system over all websites, this hosting platform promises safe and secure website experience.
  • SiteGround makes it easy to not only transfer your old websites and emails but also create websites from scratch through their platform.
  • SiteGround uses a Google Cloud platform for all new customers which ensures extremely fast servers. They also provide free CDN and SSL for all users.


  • The biggest disadvantage of SiteGround is its cost. This can be disadvantageous for new website creators who don’t have the capital to invest in their hosting platform yet.

Last words on my SiteGround review: Is it the Most Powerful Hosting Platform?

Overall, SiteGround is one of the most trusted WordPress hosting platforms for websites you want to go live. This hosting platform can support your website regardless of your business style.

Affiliate marketing, blogging, content creation, online shops, membership sites, SiteGround can host it all. You’ll be able to reach your customers on the internet safely and securely.

I hope this review has shed some light on the quality service SiteGround can provide you.

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Patrick Viana

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