RafflePress: Grow Your Email List With this WordPress Plugin

A Useful WordPress Plugin to Build your List

Emails lists are a great help for your online business. But sometimes, it’s hard to build a list of subscribers on your own. This is where RafflePress comes in. This giveaway WordPress plugin is a tool that can help you grow your email list much faster through online contests and giveaways.

Why Do You Need an Email List?

Emails tend to generate greater sales than social media campaigns. This is because you keep in touch with customers on a more personal level. When they express an interest in your business, you offer to provide them with consistent useful updates.

Creating an email list will help you keep track of all your prospects who want to receive news, tips and offers from you. It’s an organized way to make sure you automate your email sequences to everyone.

Not only that, but what an email list can provide you is a constant income machine to print money. If you have a responsive list, you’re almost guaranteed to make money when you send a well written email to your list. And that is also true with a small list of subscribers.

Most likely, website owners with a longer presence online will have a bigger email list. But what about those businesses which are just starting? How can they build their email list quickly?

This is the where I would like to introduce you to RafflePress!

What is RafflePress?

RafflePress is a WordPress plugin that you can use to host giveaways on your website. It’s a powerful and cost-effective way to gain traffic to your website and build your list at the same time.

Isn’t that cool, right?

A giveaway will encourage people to share your campaign which in return, provides free advertising for your website. All you have to do is provide a promising reward for the winner of your campaign. This could be a gift card, a free eBook, a t-shirt, an electronic device, a product, or service that your target market really wants.

You can add your own conditions for entering the giveaway, such as sharing the campaign or interacting with your social accounts. You can determine different points for each action.

This allows you to create a buzz around that campaign and will generate some heavy traffic towards your site! People will be sharing their giveaway link to their friends and family and many people will see your offer.

This isn’t even the best part…

RafflePress connects directly to your email marketing services and CRM when collecting emails through the giveaway sign-up page!

That means that after the giveaway event is over, you’ll have a newly collected list of email subscribers you can use for email marketing. It can connect directly to AWeber, MailChimp, Active Campaign, and many more email providers!

RafflePress: An Effective Way to Grow Your Email List

One of the best ways to capture attention is through incentives. Interact with your customers by offering a giveaway campaign, all they have to do is provide their name and email to enter the raffle.

RafflePress is also build to track further interaction through refer-a-friend bonus entries and social media integrations. This helps expand your exposure through word-of-mouth marketing. This is perhaps the best type of cost-effective advertising without major expense.

The more people who refer to your giveaway, the more emails you’ll collect. This makes a giveaway a perfect opportunity to gather many subscribers at once.

Such rapid sharing will get your website to many people quite quickly and help the right people find you. Then, with a connected email marketing service or CRM, RafflePress will update your current list in real time!

This way you benefit from your giveaway almost immediately.

I’ve seen people get some astonishing results with contest platforms. I’ve even ran some contests with this plugin on my self defense website with very satisfying results!

The question here is not about knowing if this works or not, it’s more like: Are you ready to have all these subscribers on your email list? Basically, can you handle all that traffic?

Now, that is the deal!

Should You Get the RafflePress WordPress Plugin to Build Your Email List?

RafflePress is easy to use, which makes it great for a quick campaign or for beginners. With a built-in template for giveaway pages and a drag-and-drop menu, you can make a proper giveaway campaign in less than 30-minutes!

Keep in mind that word of mouth is a very powerful way to generate a buzz around what it is that you’re offering.

This can really help smaller websites and businesses find a wider audience VERY quickly. Consider it a boost for traffic which can also help you climb the search engine algorithm.

So, the answer is a definite YES!

RafflePress is absolutely a tool you should use to build your email list rapidly. Some people build their list way too slowly in my opinion. You need to get people in fast if you want to stay alive in this online world.

That said, many people enjoy entering contest and participating to giveaways. They hope to win, so they participate to several “entry actions” to get more chance to win your raffle.

And when they do this, they share, share, and share again, all while participating in viewing your socials platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (X), Pinterest, Tik Tok and more!

This generates activity on your socials and you can benefit immensely from these actions.

If you’re looking for a good way to get massive visitors to your website and build a list at the speed of light, then RafflePress is the perfect WordPress plugin for you!

That’s it… It’s a wrap!

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As always, I hope I was able to help you on your online journey!

Patrick Viana

Online Elites