Make Money with Advertising Space on your Vehicle

Make Money with Car Wraps

When you operate an online business, it’s highly recommended to run online advertising to get things going and sales coming in. Another good way to get visibility is to advertise offline. That said, I’ll show you how you can make money with advertising space on your vehicle.

This process of advertising via your vehicle is done with a car wrap. That’s a professional vehicle wrapping made of vinyl stickers which makes your car standout from the crowd with a powerful message.

The secret to effective advertising is to make a great first impression.

Car wraps are a very memorable way to spread your business’ message. You can get hundreds of thousands, if not millions of impressions each year with a vehicle wrap.

These impressions represent eyeballs that are looking at your corporate message and can result in action-taking moves. That said, car wraps are a powerful branding and marketing tool that can drive sales into your business.

Car wrapping comes in various styles and custom designs of your choice. You can brand everything according to your logo, your business graphics and colors. You can work with professionals to print your design on a vinyl material and have them install the vinyl car wrap on your car or truck.

Always keep in mind that a car wrapping is a head turner wherever you go. And that, usually translates into dollars for your business.

However, if you don’t have a business yet, no worries, you can still cash in from a vehicle wrap. Keep reading and you’ll discover all about it!

Earn Income with your Vehicle

The majority of us enjoy the idea of profiteering with little or no effort at all. This money-making strategy undoubtedly belongs to such easy-to-do schemes. After you have taken care of all essential work, you can go on with your daily routine as usual, no trouble at all!

In fact, there is a couple of ways you can make some cash with your car, yet for each of them you will have to keep some vital issues in mind. Firstly, your car and you should move around quite frequently in order to benefit from this, and it is really important that your vehicle should look appealing.

Trading advertising space is a nice income strategy for acquiring extra cash each month. On average, you can make anything between $100 to $450 per month.

Not bad, right!?

After all, you have to be out in your car for various daily activities, so why not soothe yourself with a little financial reward for all this inevitable driving around?

Contact Local Businesses for a Car Wrap Visibility Partnership

There are numerous businesses that would gladly enroll you and your vehicle in advertising process, but always be on your guard for meaningful signs.

In particular, never forget it is just another kind of occupation, so you normally don’t need to pay in order to sign up. If your prospective employer demands a payment, then you must have hit the wrong spot.

Even prior to approaching the company with your offer, do a little bit of background check and find out if they are trustworthy enough. Explore on the web or social media profiles, where such jobs are discussed and see what you can dig up.

After you have made your choice, be honest. Tell how much you drive daily and how far you and your car go on the routine chores. If your four-wheeled beauty spends most of the time on its parking place, then you might want to look into another money-making model!

Another wise thing to do would be to negotiate with local enterprises by yourself, show some initiative and offer to promote their brand name and services.

Of course, conduct it at the rate of one company at a time; otherwise, you are unlikely to get anywhere. You could take up one advertising assignment for a few months, then, in case something happens, swap for another company and so on.

Use Online Platforms to Close a Car Wrap Deal

To help you with your research, I’ve done some research on my own and landed on these interesting video clips. They share insightful advice with very promising companies to work with.

That said, here’s an interesting video on the easiest side hustle to make extra money with your car:

As seen in the clip, there are several resources you can use to make extra cash with a car wrap:

Wrapify: Connects the gig worker with companies that want to work with you. Earn hundreds per month. No upfront costs. Fast, simple and easy.

Carvertise: Helping thousands of drivers earn extra money, each month, for something they already do; drive! Possibility to advertise on Uber, Lyft, and Doordash cars.

Stickr: Install a window sticker on the back of your vehicle and earn a monthly income.

As you can see, these options make great side-gigs.

Here’s another video clip that shares other insightful tips on car wrap advertising income and how it could be way more than you’d expect:

As seen in the clip, the commentor shares valuable advice on how to start making money with car advertising. The brand and model of your car, the car wrap size, the routes you drive and the distance you drive each month, will determine the amount of money you can earn.

He also explains the different criteria required to getting accepted into a car advertising program such as being at least 18 years old. You also have to be insured, have a clean driving record, maintain your vehicle and accept the car wrap agreement.

Furthermore, some companies also require minimum distance to drive per week, while some others require having a GPS.

All in all, using an established car advertising platform is a great way to earn extra income.

Know Where to Get a Custom Vehicle Wrap

If you deal with established car advertising platforms, they will have registered suppliers for where to install your car wrap.

If you’re looking to install one yourself for your own business or from a partnership created with a local company, you can search for a car wrap dealer in your area.

Additionally, you can check out several web resources for vital information and tips on car wraps such as Wrapture and Carwraps.

So, if you desire to carry out this initiative on your own, you may want to learn about the fees that advertising companies charge for this sort of promotion. That way, you’ll have a price range idea when it comes time to negotiating with businesses.

The price can also vary depending on how appealing and new your vehicle looks. A good-looking vehicle that is not too old, is certainly a good fit for any business looking to advertise on your car.

Just try it out, you’ll be surprised of the extra income you can generate with this strategy.

Car wraps get more exposure and attract more attention. Thus, it could certainly bring in extra money to the advertising company and for you as well.

It’s a win-win situation… Try it out!

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