Jivo Chat – A Must Have for Every Online Business

A unique tool to enhance your customer support

Having great support process is part of all successful businesses. If you’re a small business you can now have a great way to offer a great customer service. In this article, I’ll show you a cool software named Jivo Chat, a must have for every online business.

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I’m a happy man, and that is because the Jivo Chat App is installed on my website.

I found this app when I was looking to add a call-back option on my website.

I searched the web and was never satisfied of the options most company provided, until I discovered Jivo Chat.

It was like love at first sight!

When, I tried the demo version of Jivo Chat on their website, I immediately knew this app would be THE one!

Nonetheless, I still had to test it on my website to make sure all worked well… And guess what? It did!

A couple of days later, I installed the free app on my website and shortly after that, I added $50 of phone credit in my account to start receiving calls.

I tested Jivo Chat and it’s amazing!

You can have someone call you back in just a matter of seconds directly on your cell phone or any other phone number you prefer.

At the moment of this writing, I’m currently looking to purchase an IP phone, so that I can take my Jivo Chat calls, directly to an IP phone when I’m at home.

Do you know what I like the most of the “callback” feature? It’s effective and it works!

Furthermore, it’s very well configured. You can set the hours you are available to take calls, directly into the backend (admin) section of the software/app.

For example, on Monday, you can set to take calls from 8h00 AM to 6h00 PM.

In that case, during your available hours, the Jivo Chat widget on your website would indicate a message saying “Get an instant callback in 27 seconds”.

Pretty cool, right?

Note that you can set the number of seconds to whatever duration you prefer.

And when someone visits your website and clicks on the Jivo Chat widget during your “Non-available” hours, the widget indicates “Schedule a call”.

The visitor is then able to schedule a time for you to call him back during your next available hours. Isn’t that cool or what?

If you’re not excited about Jivo Chat until now, I don’t what will!

But guess what?!

It doesn’t stop here.

With Jivo Chat you can receive instant support call

When a website visitor schedules a call with you at a specific time, the Jivo Chat app takes care of everything, calling you at the specific time the client had originally scheduled.

This means, that you receive a phone call and if you decide to pick up the call, Jivo Chat will instantly call that person to connect the call.

If both of you accept the call, you will be in immediate contact together. You’ll be able to answer your visitor’s question(s) and lead him towards a solution adapted to his needs.

Once again, Awesome… Right?!

Of course, it is and it doesn’t stop there.

As the name suggest it, Jivo Chat is not only great for the Callback service, it’s also a powerful live chat software.

You can chat live with your customers and solve their problems by answering their questions a chat box. You can add as many agents as you want for a reasonable monthly fee.

If you or your agents are not live, the Jivo Chat app will give an option to leave a message in the chat box. You or a member of your team, can then answer the message as soon as someone is available.

As you can see, Jivo Chat is a simple, yet very powerful tool that you can install for free on your website to enhance your visitors experience while browsing your website.

Jivo Chat connected with major autoresponders or not?

The only downside of the software is that it doesn’t integrate directly with my autoresponder.

I currently use Aweber as my autoresponder for my self-defense website, my soccer website as well as my Internet Marketing website.

It would be great to have an API integration for my Aweber autoresponder as well as the other popular ones such as Get Response. Or it could also be an autoresponder integration via the HTML code.

That way, when a website visitor engages in a chat, this person’s email would be added to my autoresponder sequence.

That really is the ONLY downside of Jivo Chat. All the rest is A1.

I assume that they will add autoresponder integration in the future as they are in constant evolution of the software.

That aside, I really think that Jivo Chat is the best live chat software on the market!

Nowadays, with all these fake chat bots and whatnot, website visitors are communicating with fake customer support agents also called robots.

So, when you add a REAL agent answering live questions on your chat box or on the phone, it changes the game.

If you talk to your website visitors quickly, you’ll close more sales. It’s as simple as that!

==> Download your version of the Jivo Chat software here

Kind Regards,

Patrick Viana

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