Increase Website Speed with this Secret Tool

The importance of website speed

In this article, you’ll discover a how to increase website speed with this secret tool. But, first let’s look at why website speed is so important for your online business.

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That said, if your website is not loading quickly, you’ll lose visitors and it will affect your search engine rankings. You want your website to load quickly.

Of course, to increase your website speed you need to have a good hosting provider. A good website hosting will really help your website speed and will greatly enhance your visitor’s experience.

If you’re reading this post, it most likely means you’re in the quest of making your website faster. And, that my friend is a really good thing!

I’ve looked at website speed at a 360-degree angle so that I wouldn’t miss anything to make my websites faster.

I did a lot of research and learned that hosting plays a HUGE role.

Furthermore, you can reduce your images, you can use a CDN (Content delivery network), such as Cloudfare. You can also use specific WordPress themes and/or website builders to make your webpages load super-fast.

If you use WordPress like I do, you might want to keep reading.

Unique tool to increase website speed

So, if you have a website setup on WordPress, you might not be aware of it, but as you’re building your site and making changes on your webpages, every time you click on “save changes”, it adds data to your database.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, with time when making these changes on your pages, it clutters up your database and thus reduces the loading time of your webpages.

In other words, it slows down your website.

That is because, over time you save, save, and save more changes on your webpages and it just clunks up your database.

This is not something visible, it’s something that happens in the backend. But these things that happen in the back of your website, do affect your website speed in a negative manner.

So, here’s a very unique tool to help clean up your WordPress database. It’s called Advanced Database Cleaner Pro.

This powerful WordPress plugin, can speed up your website by cleaning up your database!

Features of the advanced database cleaner pro plugin

Here’s what can this secret plugin can do:

  • Clean up posts table (delete old revisions of posts and pages)
  • Clean comments table (delete pending comments, spam comments, trash comments)
  • Clean up orphaned metadata (delete orphan post metadata, orphan comment metadata, etc.)  
  • Clean up expired transients (they should not exist in your database since they are expired!)
  • Display & view orphaned Items (view details before making any changes)
  • Keep last x days’ data (keep the last number of days data from being cleaned)
  • View & manage tables (optimize tables & repair corrupted ones)
  • View & manage options (set options autoload to no/yes and delete options if needed)
  • View & manage cron jobs (clean and delete scheduled tasks)
  • Get and overview (get a clear idea of what is happening in your database)
  • Scheduling (automate the process and run a cleanup/optimization automatically)
  • Reduce DB size (by deleting unused/orphaned items, you will save space in your database)

And if that isn’t cool enough already, here’s what you can get with the PRO version of the Advanced Database Cleaner WordPress plugin.

  • Detect, delete orphaned options (this can impact positively the performance of your website)
  • Find and delete orphaned tables (cleaning up orphaned tables will increase performances)
  • Detect & delete orphaned cron jobs (you should clean them up)
  • Scan & edit categorization (scan and correct specific items or all items to verify to which plugin/theme they belong.)
  • Search & filter anything (search and filter options, tables and cron jobs based on several criteria such as the “name”, “creator”, “value”, etc.)

A unique plugin with unique support

I purchased the business version of Advanced Database Cleaner Pro. It gives me a license for 5 websites which is perfect to install on all my websites.

I did use the plugin to clear up my databases and everything worked perfectly. Right after that, I noticed an increase in website loading speed times.

I also used their technical support for certain questions, and the support was quick and helpful.

To conclude, I highly recommend you purchasing this product. It’s affordable and it does exactly what you need which is cleaning your WordPress database.

Once you do that, you’ll have a clean backend, and you’ll be ready to welcome plenty of visitors to your fast loading website!

I hope you enjoy reading this article has much has I enjoyed writing it. 😉

To your online success,

Patrick Viana
Online Elites