How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

Learn to stay focused and not get distracted

Sadly, there are plenty of entrepreneurs that get caught up with new shinny objects. Doing so is counter productive and slows down your progress. With that said, I’ll be giving out tips on how to overcome shiny object syndrome.

So here’s a question for you: Do you find yourself easily distracted by shiny new business ideas?

And then taking action to make that idea come to life but eventually finding yourself mid-process leaving that “idea” hanging to start on a new bright idea?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to the question, then its highly likely that you are suffering from the condition called Shiny Object Syndrome.

In other words, are you always looking for the next opportunity of a lifetime?

This condition is often struggled with by many people without realizing that they have this type of condition.

The struggle starts with the person’s inability to see things through completion that often leads to them abandoning their commitments and goals because they can’t wait to chase what they think is the NEXT big thing.

This attitude is brought by the sense of being so attracted to the concept of newness and craving for excitement in which people with the Shiny Object Syndrome usually experiences.

They tend to forget the end goal so in return they don’t get to master anything or worse achieve success in the long run.

But all of this concept is for others, not you, right?


I’m sure that you are achieving results in your business. And if for any reason, you aren’t, here a few tips.

Believe in what you do

If you are confident enough in yourself and your skills then you should believe in what you do.

Don’t rely on having a Plan B or C or D if plan A does not work. Commit to yourself and believe that you can reach the success that you want.

The key is to FOCUS. Keep your eyes on the prize and make it work.

Don’t get easily attracted to what seems like a good opportunity being laid out in front of you.

Remember, people who are unsure of themselves will often end up chasing possible opportunities to opportunities wasting their time and resources.

Once you have decided what and where to invest your resources and skills then focus to make the business prosper.

Believe in your own abilities and go to the bottom of things.

Focus and get things done until you reach success

Like many other things in life you need to put the efforts in.

Will it take hard work? Yes for sure, but it’s well worth it.

Always remember to keep going!

So, I hope that this will help you overcome shiny object syndrome.

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Best Regards,

Patrick Viana

Online Elites