How to Make Money Blogging

Learn to make money with a blog

There are plenty of ways to generate income online. You can do it with e-commerce, affiliate marketing, with social media, etc. But in this article, I will show an effective way to make income online which is how to make money blogging.

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So, you finally decided that you want to move into a new project of your life and join the blogger community, well great, here’s a guide on how you can create income by starting your own blog from scratch.

Contrary to popular belief that there is no money anymore in this type of industry, it is actually possible to make money blogging.

The question now comes down to, how do people make a decent living through digital marketing and blogging?

How do they end up earning cash monthly with only a few blog posts here and there each week?

Well, it depends on various things such as your niche and the quality of the content on your blog. Furthermore, you’ll need to have a good SEO (Search engine optimization) strategy.

With consistency and a little hard work and if you do the things correctly, you can be on your way to generating income on your blog. Follow these guidelines.

How to pick a profitable niche

Picking a profitable niche is one of the most important parts of blogging.

It’s important to write about what you are passionate about, however, you also need to do your homework and this is where research is needed.

There is no point in starting a blog that you want to earn from if it’s not a profitable niche.

There are hundreds maybe even thousands of niches on the Internet. Some are huge, some are broad, and some are relatively unknown in the virtual world.

In fact, I suggest you to find a niche that is HUGE.

Here are some of the biggest niches out there: Weight Loss, Fitness, Dating, Health, Make Money on the Internet, Real Estate, Video Games, Travelling etc.

Other great niches are: Pets, Wealth Building through Investing, Gadgets and Technology, Beauty Treatments and Personal Finance.

These are some of most profitable niches to make money online.

The bigger the niche, the better it is

The niche you are getting into needs have some products and services that are “addictive” and “ethical”.

For example, let’s take the cheese industry, it’s a 77 billion industry, that will be growing for the years to come. Here’s the market value of cheese worldwide from 2020 to 2026.

Cheese is addictive and it’s ethical.

Now, I don’t eat cheese but nonetheless, it’s still a great niche to get into.

You could for example, sell cheese all around the world via ecommerce. With a monthly subscription, people could receive various kind of cheeses every single month, all delivered to their door via drop shipping.

Another route you can take, is to find something that you feel comfortable writing about whether it’s about sports, celebrity news, cooking, martial arts, basically anything you take an interest in.

Keep in mind as well that if your niche is not big enough, there will be less money available in that niche.

What do you need to make money when blogging?

Now that you have done your homework and have figured out what niche you want to enter, it is now time to start putting things together. Here are some quick tips:

Get a domain name

Before anything else, you first need to get your own domain. That is the URL of your website, it’s your website address and the image of your business or blog. Choose your domain wisely as it will follow you for a long time.

Host your website

Then, a reliable hosting to present your website to the world. If you don’t know where to get your hosting account, it is highly recommended that you use a self-hosted WordPress website because it is the best platform for bloggers and the most widely used.

I recommend using this hosting provider for your WordPress blog. You’ll get the best bang for your buck, and you can scale as your blog grows with time. It’s simply the best hosting company in my opinion.

Create quality content

The second most important part of your blogging journey is your content. The content that you create has to be of great quality and must contain at least 500 to 2000 words more or less. Make sure that your posts are straight and direct to the point as well.

There’s a lot of competition on the Internet and with thousands of people posting every day, the struggle is getting your readers to pay attention. Take note that everything has to be well formatted, organized, and with relevant images to keep your readers attention.

Promote your blog

There are many ways that you can promote your blog. Many people use social media channels to promote their websites. The results may vary however, depending on the type of market that you are trying to target. Paid ads can be very effective as well.

If you’re trying to target professional readers and business owners, social media channels like LinkedIn may be more advisable to use. For other crowds, your traffic can be sourced from platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

YouTube is also a very effective way to promote your blog. Actually, that is one of my favorite ways to do it. Check out my self-defense YouTube channel. You’ll see that I often refer to it on my self-defense blog.

Try speed blogging

Speed blogging is about writing 400 words articles (or less) giving news content that is quickly consumable. People love news format, where you deliver recent and “crunchy” content. Your users will be coming for more everyday on your blog for the latest news. This is great for a sports blog… You could give out daily soccer news for instance.

Ad placement

On your blog, you should place affiliate product banners and ad placement banners to make money. You can use AdSense on your blog to make money every day. As you get more visitors, you can get deals with even bigger ad agencies.

All in all, with affiliate banners, product banners, sponsors and AdSense ad banners, you’ll be able to generate a good income online

Capture leads

When you have an online presence, you want to build a list of subscribers that will follow your steps. A good way to do that is to insert a lead capture system on your blog in order to able to get in contact with your followers.

They say: “Money is in the list”. And that is entirely true. Once your visitors start following you on your email newsletter, you get to provide useful tips and promote products and services to your list of followers.

Here’s a top resource to start building your list. It’s an autoresponder software that does all the job of delivering the emails for you

A/B split testing

When your blog is all set-up and ready, you’ll have web pages such as landing pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, etc. A very good practice to see which pages convert best is to compare them with another page. This is called A/B split testing.

It basically consists in comparing two similar pages to see which one converts better. Many experienced marketers use A/B split testing to find the winning pages. This practice can make you richer.

I hope that you enjoyed these tips on how to make money blogging

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The most important is to get started. Once you, refer back to this article and you’ll start monetizing your blog in no time.

All the best to you.

Ok, I’m signing off, I really hope that you enjoyed this post on how to make money blogging.

Keep going and don’t give up!

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