GroovePages Review

GroovePages, a powerful platform to build your webpages

If you’re a business owner who is finally at the point of needing a new and updated website or you’re just starting, listen up. In this article, I’ll dive into my review of GroovePages.

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So, if you’re looking to share your passion with the world and need a website, you might not need to look any further. Let’s dive in!

GroovePages is a cloud-based site builder that will get eyes on your message with its fast, clean-looking interface on desktop, laptop, tablet AND mobile phone – even if you’ve never built a site before.

As a sales page, and funnel building platform, it holds its own against the competition. I particularly enjoy some of the features GroovePages offers. They are easy to work with, including diverse components and a price that’s frankly astonishing (more on that soon).

I listed some of the things I really liked below.

1 – The crazy price of GroovePages!

The price is just awesome, because it’s completely free to get started with GroovePages!

Yep, that is absolutely correct, you read that right!

You do not need to upload your credit card for future transactions, and no, it doesn’t only last a month or two. The basic version is just… free.

Isn’t that amazing or what?!

When compared to what some other platforms are charging each month for funnel hosting, shopping carts and customizable domains, you simply can’t argue that GroovePages is a screamin’ deal.

You can, of course, upgrade your membership and get Pro features… but again there’s a difference.

That said, GroovePages, along with the many other apps are included under the large umbrella of GrooveFunnels products. The fact of having everything compatible can really make a huge difference for your business.

It’s just a fantastic all-in-one solution.

GrooveKart is a great example of how powerful this entire collection can be. You can now easily sell physical products online.

It’s just too cool to know that the entire family of Groove products can be plugged-in with your GroovePages.

So, here’s the list of all the related products that can be integrated with your Groove website:

– GroovePages

– GrooveSell

– GrooveMail

– GrooveVideo

– GrooveMember

– GrooveQuiz

– GrooveSurveys

– GrooveKart

– GroovePay

– GrooveCalendar

– GrooveWebinars

– GrooveDesk

– GrooveBlog

– GrooveMarketplace

That is such a powerful advantage!

You do not need to install a bunch of software coming from different companies. All the essential services to operate an online business can be found under the Groove family.

That alone, is worth giving GroovePages a solid try.

So, get started with your GroovePages account today and you’ll immediately be able to start building your website for free. You just can’t beat free.

2 – Gorgeous template selection and other awesome design features

Even if, for you, web designing is similar to a blank canvas when you’ve never held a paintbrush, you’ll have no problem making a great-looking site with these professional website features.

GroovePages offers dozens of templates in blocks that can be modified in the easiest way possible.

Whether you’re using a template as is, customizing the heck out of it, or starting with a blank page, absolutely everything is super easy to use with drag and drop capabilities.

GroovePages offers every innovation imaginable: full navigation, alert and countdown bars, testimonial boxes, device-specific views, integrated email marketing platforms, maps, video embedding features, popups and more.

But what is even cooler is they add new features all the time! It’s just amazing to see how many features they come up with in just short amounts of time.

Not only will you have a beautiful website design, you can even add your own unique domain URL to the page for a sleek and professional feel.

3 – GroovePages has great SEO features

Whether it’s to find a specific webpage or an entire site, mobile browsers are commonly used in these recent times.

In fact, Google reflected this by enhancing mobile-first indexing, which means mobile versions of sites get ranked before desktop versions.

Luckily for all GroovePages users, we lose nothing with the simplicity geared for portable devices.

With that said, GroovePages is built for mobile-first. It’s fully integrated for one-click sales, shopping carts, email integration, data collection and much more.

Even better, GroovePages incorporates with CloudFlare. This means, you can have HTTPs (a secured connection) across all your domains. Finally, your Google Analytics code can be added with a single click.

That way, you’ll be able to get detailed statistics about your website visitors. As you know, the data coming from your website analytics helps you make better business decisions.

Finally, the speed in which the pages load, will make your visitors happy!

And… fast loading pages is certainly a crucial element for helping ranking your pages higher in the search engines.

This is like music to my ears!

4 – Always accessible and frequent improvements

An online SaaS (software as a service) like GroovePages, means your business moves when you do.

Nothing to install on your own servers – no matter where you are in the world, if you’re online, you can manage your landing page and sales funnels as easily as if you were at home at your desk.

This means a lower cost for your business. Not only that, but you’ll have fast loading times even if you’re getting high volume of traffic on your website. You also get instant updates that take effect the moment they’re implemented.

GroovePages has the power to become a super-contender in the growing arena of cloud-based hosting applications.

Currently, this software is still at a young developing stage, which means that although you may still find a bug or two, it has a development roadmap that is ripe for more improvement and input from its users.

But one thing is for sure… They are moving fast! And when I say fast, I mean really fast!

Their team have a very efficient software development team. They handle the customer support requests quickly!

Don’t you like it when a software company releases new features often, and when they also listen to their members requests to develop new features at the speed of light? I sure do!

When I consider GroovePages’ price and already excellent features, I feel I’m looking at a website builder that’s already punching above its weight. And well worth it!

So, it’s needless to say that I highly recommend you checking out this amazing piece of software!

Ok, time to wrap up now…

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