Get Insights with a Feedback Tool for Your Website

Getting feedback from your online customers

If you have an online presence via a website, it’s a good thing to survey your visitors once in a while to see what they’re looking for. In this article, well look at how you can get insights with a feedback tool for your website.

Indeed, questioning your visitors can give you powerful insights that you can put to good use.

That said, if you want to maintain communication with your market, without having the hassle of coding or learning a complex software then consider Feedback Fox.

This app can be used to engage with your audience in order to maintain insight on your business. This is important in order to move forward with business decisions while considering your current market and expand it at the same time.

Not only can you gain knowledge about your prospects with Feedback Fox, but the aesthetics of this application is what gains its reputation to actually get clients engaged.

It’s easy to use on both ends: for clients and for businesses!

Notable features of Feedback Fox

  • Web-based: This means you do not need to install anything
  • User-friendly: No coding required
  • Easy to navigate: Log into the application and find your way to the feedback forms!

Creative feedback forms:

  • The Rater: Ask your audience to rate a product or service on your site (Using customizable symbols available such as: Stars, Hearts, etc.)
  • The Emoji Slider: This sliding spectrum is another way to gain feedback rather than a number, it is also a fun way to gain interaction because of the emoji feature and sure way to gain the attention of customers
  • The Image Picker: Let customers choose their favourite/least favourite product or service with an image
  • The Tickbox Question: Ask a question and let your customers choose from your customized answers (Check all that apply)
  • The Single-Answer Question: Ask your customers a question and let them answer in a simple and direct way

Some other options that Feedback Fox offers:

  • Redirect links. You decide where your audience goes after they answer a question. You can even send them to different links depending on their answers. This is a great way to get traffic to all your lead pages, sales pages and other offers.
  • Craft customizable forms: Each of these forms is customizable so you can match the fonts, colors, themes etc. to your site.
  • Check stats. With just a click of your mouse you can see which of your campaigns are performing best.
  • Free hosting. Ability to host forms on your site or opt to allow the app host them
  • Triggered Popovers increases response: forms can appear instantly- (after X amount of time they can pop onto the page)
  • Unlimited forms and responses: run feedback campaigns and gather as many responses as you’d like.

There you go! Feedback Fox is quite a useful tool for companies.

It’s an effective online feedback builder that can give you the answers you need to elevate your online business.

To sum up, I really hope you enjoyed this article and that you discovered a great feedback tool for your website.

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To your success!

Patrick Viana

Online Elites