Best Chat Bots

Use Chatbots to Improve Your Customer Service

What is a chatbot? A Chatbot is an artificial Intelligence software that has the ability to engage with users through online conversations. In this article, we’ll see how you can use chatbots to improve your customer service. This marketing tool is considered a digital assistant to many in the Internet marketing community. This computer program …

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Feedback software

Feedback Software to Grow Your Business

A great way to get information from your audience When you run an online business, you want to stay close to your audience by asking information about reactions to a service, a product, a person’s performance, etc. So, here’s a feedback software to grow your business. Manual Surveys from your audience can be really useful …

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The Power of Aweber

A must have tool for your online business I’m glad that you landed here because this is an important topic of internet marketing. In this article, I’ll be taking about having an email autoresponder for your business. I’ll lay out everything you need to know about the use of an autoresponder and the power of …

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